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Dave Penny has been beating around the great city of St. John's, sometimes with an accordion and other times not.  He's allowed out through the overpass to other parts of Newfoundland and off to the Mainland when he's lucky enough to land a reason to do so.  One of the proud members of From Stage to Stage, he has written several comedy songs such as Johnny Chrome and A Townie Courted a Bayman's Daughter, and enjoys poking fun at the more trivial events in life, such as a shortage of mustard pickles and people going around licking shopping cart handles during a pandemic (actually, that's serious!).  He has performed in many Newfoundland and Labrador towns and festivals, the Meriposa Folk Festival in Ontario, and parts of New England.  In fact, as of this writing, he would have been gearing up with fellow musical companion Daunt Lee for a jaunt to Maine and New Hampshire but it's not going ahead now.  Rotted with 2020, he is.

His second recording, All Turned Around, has been nominated for a 2017 MusicNL award for Celtic/Traditional Artist of the Year and a 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Traditional Singer of the Year.  He's something now--thinks he is, anyway.  

Dave is set to release his third solo recording, Chip Wagon Ahead, in October 2020.

Dave Penny wrote this biography himself.  It's the first and last time he'll be writing in the third person.

“Much of Penny’s work is infused with themes and idioms particular to Newfoundland and Labrador…like most excellent songwriters, he manages to find the universal elements of those localized experiences.”  Jean Hewson, Penguin Eggs Magazine

"Dave has some gems. If it happens, and it's songable.. Dave will song it." @kookybouzouki, Jason Whalen; Musician, producer and owner/operator of The Sound Solution.

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